Let’s be fair

When I started Select/Plan Real Estate Inc. in 1990, we were at the dawn of the Internet age. From the beginning I had a dream of creating an online system that allowed homeowners to offer their property for sale for a small fee and invite real estate agents to bring them buyers. But alas it was an idea before its time. The entrenched legacy structure of the real estate brokerage industry was not ready to permit such an approach. So for years we fell into a comfortable life of offering traditional real estate services at discounted prices.

But I never let go of the dream … and a lot has changed in 25 years. Now the Internet is an integral part of all of our lives and substantial change has taken place in ‘opening-up’ the real estate marketplace. Now we are ready and able to implement our vision.

For many people selling a home seems like a scary and complex undertaking. But it’s not, especially with good guidance and advice. By introducing our XFEE™ plan, we are trying to democratize access to the all-powerful MLS® system and to professional support and advice — all at fair cost.

I hope you feel the XFEE™ plan is a significant innovation in real estate ecosystem and welcome your comments and critique.

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Good News and Bad News

First the Bad News

The Toronto Homes Sold report has been distributed as an email linking to all residential listings reported sold on the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MLS® system since May of 2011.

During that time we have received countless expressions of appreciation from our growing list of subscribers now approaching 30,000. But in light of recent developments, we fear that making this information available to you, in this form, may be threatening our ability to continue operating as a real estate brokerage.

So we are temporarily suspending the email distribution of our Toronto Homes Sold report until there is more clarity in the legal issues involved.

We firmly believe that unfiltered information about the real estate market is necessary to fully inform home buyers and sellers. Others say that agents are necessary to “interpret” market information … we would use a different word.

But stay tuned … WE WILL BE BACK.

Now the Good News

The main reason we do not want to lose access to the MLS® system:   Today we are officially launching a one-of-a-kind brokerage service … the Pay-What-You-Want MLS® listing.

Our Feeless MLS® Listing is a solution for you to list, promote and manage the sale of your property at a cost determined by you. While other real estate brokerages contract for substantial percentage fees, our mission is to empower our clients to realize more — both figuratively and literally. The price you pay for our MLS® listing, marketing and agency services is completely up to you.

We know, we know … what’s the catch?

Well, there isn’t one. We call it FairFee. If you appreciate and value the service you receive from us we’d truly appreciate your kind consideration.

You see, our approach to real estate brokerage is built on trust – and trust is a two way street. If we are asking you to trust us to represent your best interests, then it’s only right that we trust you to be fair with us.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how our Feeless PlanTM works »

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Information on ‘Sold’ properties

Last week the Toronto Star published an article that describes actions being taken by the Toronto Real Estate Board to restrict access to information as contained in our Homes Sold Report.

You can read the article here.

This weekend the Globe and Mail published this article.

For those of you who like this service and have an interest in having it continue, please tell everyone you know about these issues. Public interest and understanding can help bring positive change to the real estate marketplace.