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You set our MLS® listing fee

The short story on how our feeless plan works: We trust you.

We work with you to list and help you sell your property. And when it's sold, you pay us what you think is fair. You set our fee – based on your estimation of what our services were worth to you.

You see, our approach to real estate brokerage is built on trust – and trust is a two way street. We’re asking you to trust us to represent you and it’s only right that we trust you to be fair with us.

That’s it. There is no catch.

One more thing: Paying commission to co-operating/buyer-agent brokerages is expected. We don’t get a penny of those fees – and we recommend that you offer the market expectation.

The only money we make from you is what you decide we deserve. Our future will be built on our faith that you will like what we accomplish for you and that you’ll treat us fairly.

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Because the best things in life aren't fees.

First off, I'm Fraser Beach and I've been a real estate broker for over 35 years. During much of that time I've worked to bring innovation and economy to the real estate brokerage business. It all starts with fair straightforward pricing and access to everything you need and should expect to help you sell your property with confidence.

Our XFEE™ framework brings innovation, expertise and economy to selling your home. We take the best characteristics of private sale and the real estate industry and combine them into agency and marketing practices that promote efficiency and better outcomes as well as eliminating unnecessary clutter and waste.

Helping you keep more of your money — is kinda our thing.